Created two years ago now, GameWard Company, confident due to its experience and its knowledge in esport’s universe, has decided to invest into Battle Royal gamers, recruiting a PUBG team at first, and more recently, a Fortnite Team. They together form the GameWard Team!

PUBG Team has recently known a few changes, such has the departuere of two players: ComQs and Andercyd. We are sure that they will plenty take advantage of the beautiful experience GameWard gave them, and we wish them the best for there future carrier.

So it is now time for GameWard to recruit some new players, to complete there Line Up, in order to be even more efficient for the next big tournament, and this begins with the DreamHack Tours, that will take place in May.

The team will, then, be a little bit different from what it use to be. And this is very exciting! New strategies, a new kind of gameplay. We can not wait to discover who will take part of this great adventure, within KhalGrims, Guilz, and Vicious!

Be sure that the motivation and the ambition that caracterize GameWard, its staff and its players is still as strong as it has never been,

Stay tuned!