Within the context of the comeback of the double-shotgun technique, Keijur0, GameWard Squad Fortnite player, HellRaiser, their coach, and Nounours, their analyst, give some advices about this technique.

In order to maximize the close range damage dealing and to compensate the long reloading time of the Pump Shotgun, Fortnite players developed the « double shotgun » technique. Its principle is to quickly switch from one pump shotgun to another to minimise the time between two shots. This technique was deleted by the developers who thought that it was a bug exploit. They restored the reloading animation when a player switches between guns.

Since the season 4 update (on May the 1st) and its patch about switch time of some weapons, the double-shotgun is back.

“This could be a choice of the developers, Epic Games, in order to revitalize the game and make it more aggressive” – Nounours.

Professional players started using this technique again.

Hellraiser warns us about it: “The double shotgun is of course very strong, but all four players of a team can’t use it at the same time because it takes too much carrying space, particularly in a meta where many games end up with med kits and fire camps.”

According to Keijur0: “In its second version, the double shotgun is more balanced, timing and aim need to be perfect to be efficient, otherwise it’s very punitive.”

Nounours specifies: “A lack of precision or a too slow weapon switch could lead the player to be defenceless over a certain period as the time between two shots of the pump shotgun is about 1.5 second. For a player who doesn’t master the technique, a Tactical shotgun would be more efficient.”

In greater details, Nounours explains: “The tactical shotgun deals about 20 less damages points than the pump one but has a fire rate twice as fast (0.66 second between two shots). Thus, it is more effective in terms of DPS (Damage per Second).

However, if the pump shotgun is preferred by pro players it is because of its ability to end a fight from the first shot. In a nutshell, with the pump shotgun, good aim means victory while the tactical one deals more DPS and is less punitive in case of missed shot.

If you’re still wondering which one to choose, the heavy shotgun, with balanced fire rate and damages, is made for you !

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