After E3’s announcements about Fortnite’s official esport scene, the GameWard Team didn’t re-sign its players’ contracts. During E3, Epic Games announced an official tournament: “Fortnite’s World Cup” which will priories solo and duo matches. This news has been anticipated by our players who were already working by pair since few weeks. Unfortunately, despite this work in progress, players and the GameWard Team staff couldn’t find an agreement.

However, it has been a great experience for GameWard Squad’s Fortnite Team. Our players managed to meet GameWard’s expectations by reaching top positions during major events. Thanks to their analyst and now coach, Nounours, our players improved their skills and their team play.


E3’s news also gave GameWard new ambitions: An official scene for Fortnite Esport will give to the game, its players and structure a bigger exposure. GameWard aim to benefit from this upturn. Thanks to WarLegend’s Duo Tournament “Pan-European Cup”, the GameWard Squad was already in the European Scene.

For its new line-up, GameWard is as of now in negotiation with players and teams that matches our values and ambitions.


Despite all that, the Squad format still has a future. The next big event in France is the ESWC in September. GameWard Squad will be there with its new players ready to follow their predecessors’ efforts and performances!


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