The Occitanie E-Sports (or ESL Montpellier) took place in the Sud de France Arena of Montpellier on June 2018, the 2nd and 3rd. The GameWard Team was there to take part in a Fortnite Tournament with an original format. The whole team wasn’t there. Exceptionally, Budbarney was replaced by Maxalibur. Let’s take a look back at our team’s weekend.

The tournament had three phases: positioning, series and finals. Positioning was a group phase, it helps make de series groups. Then, during the series, teams went up or down depending on their results. The last phase is the final. There was four series’ groups: Elite, Challenger, Regular and Amateur.

Team GameWard’s Results

The team played de positioning against Game’Her Esport, Requiem (TOP2 of DreamHack Tours 2018) and Oserv Esport among other teams. By finishing 5th, they qualified for the Challenger series.

In the first Challenger series, they faced Oserv Lunary and War Legend. Their 6th position let them stay in Challenger for the second series.

During the second Challenger series, they encountered the MANE Team with Gotaga and Mickalow as well as Exalty Purple. The Team performed on this series and finished it 4th. That qualified them to the third Elite Series.

At last, by finishing on the 5th position of the last Elite series, the Team GameWard made it to the Elite Final.

Elite Finalists’ list : War Legend, Solary, Millenium Row, Gentside, GameWard, Primate Esports, Oserv Esport, French Spirit, Requiem, On Fire, Team Oplon et Exalty Blue.

Despite a Top 2 and a Top 3, the team ranked 11th in the final.


The GameWard Squad Fortnite faced the best Fortnite teams in this tournament and was consistent and serious all along the weekend. By finishing 11th over 48 teams, our players improved their best result by 7 (last best rank: 18th DreamHack Tours 2018).


It should be pointed out from this tournament some issues during matches due largely to the quantity of constructions and alive players in small areas in late game. This kind of issues let the developers to make changes with constructions and tournament organizers to develop new format like War Legend Duo tournaments.


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