After recent news about our ambitions and the future of Esport in Fortnite, the GameWard Team is proud to present you with its new Fortnite Team !

The former team Oplon roster joins the team, they are (from left to right on the picture) : SawnTO19Snayzy, and v1NzZz, team captain. Nounours, in the middle, is filling the role of coach. Together, the ex-Oplon players made great performances during major event ( 7th during Gamers Assembly 2018 and 6th during Occitanie Esport 2018).

GameWard Team made the choice to recruit those players for two main reasons. Not only do they have a great individual level, but they are also able to play as a squad as they used to with Oplon and as duos ! They then will be able to play in both formats that were announced for Fortnite’s main tournaments.

Their first main event will be the ESWC Metz. Our team will be able to shine again under its new flag !

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