Already taking part of the esport scene for a few years now, GameWard has recently decided to enter professional competition, recruiting successively a PUBG team and a Fortnite Team, wich, gathered, are the Gameward Team. After having recently uptdated their WebTV, in order to offer always more and more quality to their viewers, GameWard company is about to renew its PUBG Team with some new players.

GameWard has so recruited the roster Overtime, team that has made its prooves, as they recently reached 1st place at the Predator League, and finished 3rd at Gamers Assembly’s LAN, last April, in front of 30 other teams. It is then one of the best current team, in full shape for next events, especially the DreamHack Tours. This line-up is made of the players RomekKz, Frost_Viper, Nonamee and Ribellu2a, whom are used to play together for several months now. They’re totally ready to perform, according to their recent qualification for the Auzom Premier League, a league in which only the best PUBG teams all over the world are involved in.

About the former players of the PUBG squad, Khalgrims is still fully part of GameWard, but has decided to stop competions. He now focuses on the development of his WebTV. Guilz made the choice to leave GameWard, a really hard decision to take but well thought, and he joins Supremacy’s line-up. We do not doubt of his success, and will stay aware of his future results. Vicious, already busy with his family life, was unable to follow the training rythm. We wish him the best for his future professional carrier.

David « Impishou » Laniel, GameWard co-founder: « 3 months after we entered PUBG’s scene, I’m happy that GameWard’s adventure carries on with this roster, wich shows our stability, and results constantly in progress for months, as their qualification for Auzom Premier League yesterday night, and their first place at Predator League last friday. A huge thanks to Vicious for his professionalism since he entered the team, and to Guilz, to who we wish the best in his new roster, as well as KhalGrims, who stays at GameWard as an influencer. And all our wishes to Comqs and Andercyd, who have already made their way since they left the team. »

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