Two years after its creation and a few months after launching its own esports club with its Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds team, GameWard keeps on expanding its activity and announces today the creation of a Fortnite team.

As esports enthusiasts, we are proud to reveal today our will to join the competitive scene of Epic Games’ Battle Royale and to welcome four excellent players under our banner. MateYeux, Budbarney, Gseed, Keijur0 and their manager HellRaiser share our values and our passion for professional gaming and will represent GameWard on the post-apocalyptic wastelands from now on. Some of these names have already been in the spotlight recently during the Lyon e-Sport 2018, as HellRaiser finished second with his team from Exalty. We trust them to keep on offering us more epic moments in the future.

We are happy to see them join our family and we are eager to see them encounter other exceptional teams online or during offline events like the upcoming Gamers Assembly and the DreamHack 2018.

You can follow the news of the team and the players on this website or on the GameWard Team social network pages (Facebook, Twitter and Discord), as well as on the players’ personal pages.