Long-awaited event, the DreamHack Tours takes place this week-end. Used to such big events, our Fortnite Squad is ready. Focus on their careers.

MateYeux :

MateYeux  is 20 years old and the GameWard Squad Fortnite captain. He used to be a competitive H1Z1 player, the Daybreak’s Battle Royal.  He switched for Fortnite as soon as the game came out and created a Fortnite team for the structure Aera eSport. His team took part in the Lyon e-Sport. He then joined the GameWard Team.

In game: MateYeux in an aggressive player whose primary weapon is the shotgun.

Follow him on his Twitch channel : MateYeuxTV

Budbarney :

Former optician, Budbarney put aside his professional career in 2017 into become a full-time player and streamer. Yet, his studies drove him to drop his esport activities. He’s made a name for himself in this field by playing games like Counter Strike, QUAKE 3 Arena, Overwatch or Soldier of Fortune. In that last game, he reached the French Top1 Team rank in Capture the Flag and the European Top6 rank in 2 versus 2. He was even selected in the French national team. He decided however to start again his gaming career firstly with Overwatch and secondly with Fortnite. He then joined the EvilFox Gaming team and won the Yoshi Cup in February.  Finaly, Budbarney joined MateYeux in the Aera team and ended up in the GameWard Team, in March. 

In game: Budbarney prefers assault rifles, he is his team’s support.

His Twitch channel here : Budbarney

Gseed :

GseedLudovic, is an experienced player. In his career, he played different kind of games such as MOBA, MMO and FPS. He played for many teams: Millenium, WarLegend or MeetYourMakers. Gseed also was the co-director of the BLAST structure. In Fortnite, he ran for orKs and Aera with MateYeux and Budbarney. He is now the shot caller of the GameWard Squad.

In game: Building on his experience, Gseed has a great game vision, he manages displacements and positioning of his team. In fight, he is a great sniper.

Follow his adventures on his Twitch channel : GseedTV

Keijur0 :

Keijur0, 29 years old, discovered video games universe with Counter Strike Beta 1.0 in 1999. He played it for 10 years and made his way to esport by taking part in many LAN tournaments. As his partner, Budbarney, he took a break from esport for his studies. He kept on playing CS:GO and Overwatch as a casual player and, with some friends, he even started playing World of Warcraft. As he missed the FPS action and adrenaline, he started playing PUBG and Fortnite. Few months later, MateYeux, Gseed and Budbarney contacted him through his stream to form with them the GameWard Team Fortnite.

In game: Keijur0 is familiar with FPS and their intense action. He is a close fight player who, like MateYeux, prefers shotguns.

Follow him live on Twitch : Keijur0

HellRaiser :

HellRaiser, Nathan, is 21 years old and the GameWard Fortnite Team coach. Former competitive player on Civilisation (IV and V), he has a great global vision and likes the strategic aspect of Fortnite. After spending 3 years as a League of Legend redactor for aAa, he started working as a Fortnite manager for the ZERG team in January 2018. ZERG later joined the Exalty structure.  His former team reached the second place in the Lyon e-sport and the Yoshi Cup. Its performances led the team to be enrolled by M and Supremacy. HellRaiser was then teamless and joined the GameWard Squad as the coach and manager of the Fortnite Team. Actually, he works for a better synergy and communication within the team as well as the identification of strengths and weaknesses into making the team as strong as it could be.