On May 2018, the 19th, the GameWard Squad’s Team Fortnite took part in the DreamHack Tours 2018. After a week-long boot camp, our players arrived in Tours ready to take up the challenge!

Friday : Setups installation

The setups installation goes well, the GameWard team is in the main alley. It can be a plus for GameWard’s exposure but permanent traffic could affect our players’ concentration. After a dinner with the whole GameWard staff, the Fortnite team goes back to the hotel to be ready for their big day.


Saturday: A good start and a qualification

Saturday morning, the last teams are setting themselves up. Our players catch up with former teammates. The atmosphere is both humourous and friendly. Unfortunately, the beginning of the tournament is delayed. There are many test matches and the first official match starts at 15:30 instead of 9:30.

This long wait didn’t affect our team concentration as our players are making name for themselves by winning this first match (out of 6 today). Into a few words: a contested landing resulting in the elimination of the opponent team, an early position-taking, a zone that shrank around them and a strategy perfectly executed.

During the following games that day, our team didn’t make it to the TOP1 again. Constantly contested on landings and unlucky with the zones, our players were unable to put their training into practice.

Today’s results: TOP1 7 kills, TOP7 4 kills, TOP7 4 kills, TOP8 4 kills, TOP9 1kill and TOP10 1kill.

Today’s matches finished late, the team was tired but there was still something to determine: Did the GameWard’s team make it to the Elite Tournament? Quick reminder: over 48 teams, they had to be at least 24th to be qualified (the other 24 teams played in the amateur tournament). It has been close! Two teams were tied for 24th place but finally, thanks to the victory on the first match, GameWard was qualified.

Players came back to the hotel on a good note but well aware of the next day’s challenge.


Sunday: The Elite Tournament

It’s been a short night for the GameWard Squad staff. Fortnite’s players, their coach, HellRaiser, and their analyst, Nounours, planned a debriefing of the previous matches. Two master words came out of it: Communication and Mental. It has been asked to the player to communicate more about any information they have: their stuff, the zone, enemies etc. About mental, the shot-callers, MateYeux and Gseed, needed to be more confident about decision making. The matches start early today, it is going to be a long day. Firstly 6 semi-final matches and then 6 matches: the final if they are qualified by finishing in the first half of their semi-final group or the small final if they don’t make it.


Players know that the upcoming matches are going to be tough as they are facing the best teams of the tournament as Solary, Supremacy, War Legend and Oserv. They adapt their strategy by moving together and taking position as soon as they can. The debriefing pays off, the team communicate more and decisions are clearer. Unfortunately, this improvement does not materialise in the results of the team. GameWard’s team ended up at the last position of their group. They have been victim of the aggressiveness of other teams which aim was to make the difference with many eliminations.

Results of the semi-final: TOP7 0 kill, TOP10 4 kills, TOP12 0 kill, TOP10 0 kill, TOP6 1 kill and TOP10 0 kills.


Small final:

Our team enter this last session more relaxed than previously. As some players are finishing their weekly quests, others are dancing. Suddenly, a port-a-fort appears! Players are surprised and look for the enemy. False alarm, it was just MateYeux playing with eth enerves of his teammates. Our team even try new landing points in order to surprise their opponents. At first, this new approach doesn’t work and the team is ranked 9th with no eliminations two times in a row.

During the third game of the small final, our team wins its second match in the tournament. With an aggressive game plan, players are more confident, communicate well and take good positions. Despite the elimination of Keijur0, survivors, MateYeux, Gseed and Budbarney made their way to the victory. Fights are relevant and incisive. Victory Royale with 10 eliminations.

Unfortunately, the connexion problems persist. The line is cut. Is seems to be due to a DDOS attack.

Matches started again at 21:30. Some teams left the tournament, about half of them as the following matches were played with only 23 players.

Results of the small final: TOP9 0 kill, TOP9 0 kill, TOP1 10 kills, TOP10 0 kill, TOP6 0 kill and TOP6 0 kill.

The GameWard Squad Fortnite was ranked 6th out of 12 in the small final, which means 18th out of 48 teams in the whole DreamHack Tours tournament.


Next step for our team, this week-end in Montpelier, the Occitanie Esports !


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