We are proud to announce that Betclic will be an official sponsor of GameWard Team from now on.

As esports enthusiasts, we are glad to have founded our own esports club two months ago for the titles PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Fortnite, and it is with pleasure that we see our project flourish as we associate with one of the craziest poker website of the market in order to keep on ascending on the professional gaming scene.

Thanks to our shared interest for esports brands, we have quickly come to meet Betclic Poker, whose Twitch channel L’Aquarium has highlighted similar traits between gamers and poker players. This partnership is therefore as natural as promising in our eyes.




If you are adept of online games, you can’t have missed the poker trend from the past ten years, as the giant of online gambling Betclic has itself become a player of the phenomenon. The french company is today the first room to have launched a Twitch channel as well as an inavoidable player in the digital evolution of traditional sports.

This is why we are proud of this partnership and eager to keep on achieving our ambitions as we participate even more in the development of esports in France thanks to this association.

We will also be able to organize even more prize competitions and giveaways while continuing to support our players in their quest for the best titles.




To celebrate this association, we invite you to join the virtual casinos of our new partner, and maybe meet our very own players around the table. Sign up now and profit from welcome offers to test your skill at online poker.

If you like the competitive spirit of esports, dominating strategically and meeting other players from your armchair, online poker fits you as much as gaming.

This is how Betclic sees its offer ; pure game, competition, but also a tightly-knit community around its channel, where the room acts as a link between the worlds of esports and online poker.

What if your skills in gaming could benefit your cash game?