A Way For Children is a humanitarian association created 30 years ago in order to help about 150 children living in the Manille slum to go to school. GameWard wanted to support their cause and organized a live stream to talk about the association and gather donations.

KhalGrims, player and professional streamer of the GameWard esport club, was live from 7 am to 2 pm on the game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on Monday, 7  May, on his Twitch channel. The 1 900 € of donations collected during the broadcast has been entirely transfered to A Way For Children et will be directly used for the education of the Philippines children.

Feel free to visit KhalGrims Twitch channel to watch the entire charity stream replay and to check the official website of the association to discover what measures have been taken thanks to the donations.
If you were unable to participate then, you can still donate to the children of Manille by clicking this link.