In order to devlop on the European scene, our PUBG squad needed to be well supervised, this is why GameWard family grows with the recruitment of a coach and a manager !

Our new coach is Egregores. Former coach and manager for Gamers Origin, where he was since August 2017, he will bring to our team his experience of the european scene. Beside esport, Egregores is a coach and a mediator, there is little doubt he has what our PUBG squad needs to improve !

Loïs, alias Breizhi, is our new manager. Thanks to his studies in Sport Management in AMOS Bordeaux, he will bring rigour and organization to our players. As an esport enthusiastic, he already worked with GameWard and a mental coach during the DreamHack Tours 2018. He then decided to pursue his career in the GameWard Team.

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